Azure Active Directory 100 User 500 Device (1 Year)

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Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 combines best-in-class productivity apps with core security and compliance capabilities. Get Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 License Key at cheap price and benefit of:

  • Improve productivity and foster a culture of collaboration with connected experiences.

  • Transform how you manage your business and enhance customer relationships with integrated workflows.

  • Proactively protect your employees, data, and customer information with intelligent security.


    Microsoft 365 combines intelligent cloud services with best-in-class productivity apps to transform the way you work

    Integrated for simplicity

  • Always up-to-date.

  • Self-service deployment.

  • Cloud-based management.

  • Rich telemetry from your environment.

  • Reduce TCO with consolidated solutions.

    Intelligent security

  • Protect identity, apps, data & devices.

  • Thwart advanced threats.

  • Manage data archiving, governance & discovery.

  • Powered by Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Accelerate GDPR compliance.

    Built for teamwork

  • Enterprise-class email, voice, and video.

  • Connect everyone with company-wide communities.

  • Share and collaborate on documents in real time.

  • Includes Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace.

    Unlocks creativity

  • Work naturally with ink, voice, and touch.

  • Visualize information in new ways.

  • Create compelling content with Intelligent apps.

  • Build on the work & expertise of others.


    MICROSOFT 365 ENTERPRISE E3Powered by Office 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security

    Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely

    Discover the Microsoft 365 Enterprise that’s right for you

    Both plans offer an intelligent solution that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely with Office 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security.


What is the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and OFFICE 365 E3

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that brings together best-in-class productivity apps from Office 365 with advanced device management, intelligent security, and innovative online services. Office 365 includes apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with services such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

What Microsoft 365 E3 includes?

Microsoft 365 -(which includes Office apps, Windows 11, and Enterprise Mobility + Security) is more than just a licensing construct or a bundle of products. As the world’s productivity cloud, Microsoft 365 brings interconnectivity and intelligence that helps customers innovate and compete more effectively on their digital transformation journey.

What is Microsoft 365 E3 Enterprise license key

A product license key is a 25-character code that’s used to activate Microsoft 365 E3 Enterprise and helps verify that Microsoft 365 E3 hasn’t been used on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

Do you have Special Offers for resellers?

Discounts are available for resellers (typically 20+ licenses) who want to purchase licenses keys in bulk. A Wholsalekeys expert can help you explore the purchasing options for retailers. Use chat or contact page

what happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

Microsoft has a data retention period that is typically set to 90 days for most subscriptions. This period begins upon subscription cancellation. You may retrieve your data in this period even though your subscription is disabled.

System Requirements

Microsoft 365 E3

Enterprise 25 User

Office 365

Windows 11 Enterprise

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Azure Active Directory Premium 1

Microsoft Intune

Win - Mac - Android - iOS

25 User / 125 Device

Microsoft 365 E3

Enterprise 100 User

Office 365

Windows 11 Enterprise

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Azure Active Directory Premium 1

Microsoft Intune

Win - Mac - Android - iOS

100 User / 500 Device


Get the Microsoft 365 E3 Enterprise license key and get access to all these features and benefits

Windows 11 Enterprise

Experience our most powerful operating system with built-in security, manageability, and productivity features.

Azure Active Directory Premium

Enhance security, simplify access, and set smart policies with a single identity platform.

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

install Office client apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote (PC only), Access (PC only)) on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones per user.

Device Health

Proactively remediate common end-user device issues, reduce support calls, and improve end-user productivity.

Microsoft Intune

Enable your workforce to be productive on all their mobile devices while helping to keep your organization's information protected.

Credential Guard

Protect derived domain credentials.

Windows Defender Antivirus

Protect against software threats like viruses, malware, and spyware across email, apps, the cloud, and the web.

Microsoft 365 data loss prevention

Use automatic or ad-hoc policies to protect sensitive messages regardless of the recipient’s email domain.

Office Mobile Apps

Use Office apps designed for Windows mobile devices and tablets.


Address threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers.

Microsoft Security and Compliance Center

Monitor your overall compliance posture, the review recommended actions, and configure settings to meet complex compliance obligations.

Windows Autopilot

Reduce overall costs of deploying, managing, and retiring Windows devices by leveraging cloud-based services.

Windows Information Protection

Protect enterprise apps and data against accidental data leaks on enterprise and personal devices.

Microsoft Secure Score

Increase your visibility and control over your organization’s security posture with a centralized dashboard.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Reduce your risk of damage and get information in a succinct, real-time view of the attack timeline.

Windows Hello

Sign into laptops, tablets, devices, or apps fast and password-free.

Direct Access

Connect remote users without the need for traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

Device Guard

Help prevent malicious code from running by ensuring only known good code can run.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Set up your organization in the cloud. Manage users and subscriptions, reset passwords, and much more.

Windows Analytics

Review and monitor an extensive amount of data about the state of devices in your deployment.

System Configuration Manager

Deploy software, protect data, monitor health, and enforce compliance across all devices in an organization within a unified management console.

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